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Choosing the right contractor to install, repair or maintain your hardwood floors can be the difference between a beautiful floor and a floor that ends up more damaged that before.  Choosing a contractor based on the lowest price alone may lead to poor results. Trying to install or repair yourself may end up costing you more in the end and not give you the desired results.  Professionals have spent years learning their trade, invested in the proper machines and equipment and have researched the best products for each situation.  When hiring a flooring professional, make sure you consider the following:

~Industry Accreditation– Membership in a trade organization shows the contractors commitment to workmanship and site                 conditions.  At Budget Hardwoods we are proud members of the Hardwood Flooring Association of Victoria.

~Experience – Always ask a contractor about his experience in the field.  The answer is not always what you think. Budget Hardwoods is the oldest flooring company in Victoria with over 97 years combined experience.

~References– ​​​​A reputable contractor should be able to provide you with references of recent customers or a portfolio of their work. Budget Hardwoods is happy to provide you with both.  Examples of our work can also be found in our portfolio.

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